European Projects

The ItF e.V. in Europe

Since 2007 the ItF e.V. is involved in various projects in the field of education funded by the European Union. The cooperation with educational experts from different European countries contributes, alongside internal as well as external trainings for our staff, to a continuing improvement and updating of our offers and pedagogical methods.

The projects are covering topics in adult education with special focus on the qualification of women with regards to their professional future. The projects and especially the meetings taking place in the course of these partnerships serve to exchange new, creative and innovative pedagogical methods as well as concepts and methods for the conveyance of entrepreneurial competences. In addition, examples of best practice in the field of adult education and entrepreneurship are presented during the meetings by the partner institutions and there are opportunities for exchange of experiences between employees of partner organisations.

Our customers

Our offers address all people who want to continue their studies under professional guidance in order to be successful at school, perform well on the job or improve their skills for private reasons.


To us, innovation is very important. This means that our trainers and coaches permanently expand and enlarge their competences to ensure the optimal learning success for our customers. Alongside recent pedagogical methods, we also employ alternative methods "outside of the classroom", which address all senses to guarantee optimal results for each learner.


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