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Re-Start Women 2.0

Logo Restart women opt internetMany women returning to the labour market are experiencing similar situations - regardless of the European country they live in: They quickly want to return to their job, but after their family leave mothers returning to their former job or searching for a new job need to overcome many obstacles. Aim of the project Re-Start Women 2.0 is to analyse the challenges women face during their return to the labour market and to develop and test a concept which is fitted to the needs of women returning to the job in the different European countries to ease their professional come-back.

Online-qualification was chosen to also enable the participation of women who are still on parental leave and who therefore cannot guarantee childcare. Women living in rural areas often need to travel long distances to reach the nearest training center which makes it difficult for them to participate in further education. Hence, there exists a need for online training.

The further education modules can be grouped into three bigger sections: interdisciplinary qualifications, commercial knowledge and computer-related competences. The commercial area comprises the modules: project management, Human Resource Management, marketing. Economic thinking and acting is an important key competence in working life. For this reason, these sections of the online qualification terminate with the acquisition of a certificate. Thus, participants can prove their acquired skills. Also, the impartition of computer-related knowledge is part of the online platform in order to improve employment outlook. Also women with little or no previous knowledge can take part.

A further counrty-specific offer is the module wikifem. Here, participants can find information e.g. on childcare, child support and alimony, household services etc. Participants also have the opportunitiy to publish information themselves, which helped them to successfully return to the labour market.

The further education modules have been tested and improved successfully with participants from the Netherlands and the UK in the course of so called "pilot courses". The developed cocept should now be used to improve the employment outlook of women returning to the labour market throughout Europe. 

Here you can find the learning platform. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

Our partner organisations are from the UK, Italy, Coratia and the Netherlands.

The project is sponsored by funding of the European Union in the course of Erasmus+.

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